Tuesday, March 9, 2010


My Beloved Brothers and Sisters,

Greetings Love and Peace to you. May God and Guru bless you with prosperity, health, peace, love and God realization, as well!
Our Ashram – the hearth and home of Sri Guruji, Swami Rajarishi shiva – is indeed an oasis to all its residents and visitors who are drawn back over and over, to those who find inspiration in his yogic science of healing. Divine village will be a place of rejuvenation of spirit for world-weary people whose burdens are heavy and real, whose resolve feels weakened by life in an increasingly hostile, scary and stressful environment. In times like these, it is all the more important to be available to people. To offer the sustenance they seek so they can in turn serve their families and communities, it is the role of spiritual places to be, to tend, to fill, and uphold the human spirit in times of difficulty so that our species continues to not only survive another rough time, but manages to evolve and reinvent itself to be more than it is.

Weekend programs, Saturday Day-trips, Tours, Teacher Training Programs, Personal Retreats, Resident opportunities, Guest Stays, Scripture Classes, weekly Satsang, and most of all,our Fellowship are all examples of how divine village currently will serve as a spiritual oasis to all who come and to each other. Each year we touch so many lives that in turn touch so many more lives. All can breath the essence of spiritual air and share that Peace with others they come in contact with. The subtle (and sometimes not so subtle) changes in a person who has been moved by spiritual awakening are noted by friends and family. They say “Wow, that retreat really was great for you. Where did you go? Maybe I should go, too. It did you such good.” This is the way a divine village will work. .

An oasis offers its gifts and remains while the travellers move on. The sun will still be hot and the wind may still pelt them with sand, but now they have filled their canteens and are strong having rested in the shade of the palm trees. Surviving the journey is now possible, It is so in life. When everything is so hard, people losing their jobs, homes and what they thought were their identities, they begin to seek. They are looking for the oasis of Truth and Understanding. Something that helps them navigate the wilderness and come out not merely having survived, but transformed.

divine village provides many opportunities for people of all creeds to come and sink as deeply as they care to, in whatever way they care to and in harmony with other people who may do it differently. This too is an example of an oasis. In the desert all are welcome at the drinking places. They are not owned by any one person. They are a gift from God. Sacred. Open to all.

. Our Ashram & divine village is made up of energy – time, love, thought, word and deed . To continue to offer service as an oasis to all who seek to taste in the teachings of Sri Gurudev rajarishi shiva at yogic science of healing, healthy donations of all of these are needed.


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