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We need your help with Operating expenses and project funding schedules must be met so that we may continue to serve those who come here.

The goal is to raise much needed funds for the following areas:

• The General Fund

• Resident Building Project

• Building Fund

• Archives Special Projects

• Schools

General Fund

The General Fund keeps the Ashram going, paying the day-to-day bills that include food, gas, wages, phones, utilities, even flowers for pujas and Prasad at satsang come from this fund. Giving to replenish this fund effects virtually every area of the Ashram.

Resident Building

We have a new 30-unit residential building that will come into service in spring 2010. It is very exciting to be able to offer more space for people who want to come and experience Yoga & yogic science of healing firsthand. We will need to finance the installation of the parking lot plus hooking up the plumbing and electric to the main Ashram grid and installing exterior lighting.

BuildingThe Building Fund is just that; it covers expenses that must be outlaid for new construction and for building improvement. The Building Fund as will be used towards the costs of the new resident building that are not included in the contract. We need to replenish this fund to help complete the current project and to bring new building projects online.

Your contributions make a difference

We welcome your donations in the form of educational materials – or funds where your valuable donation go a very long way. Donations go directly to support these women and children in need in Guruji’s H.Q, the small village of Awerahalli in Bangalore. Currently a Gurukul and an “AYURYOGAM”,ayurvedic charitable chikitshalaya is on plan.

What Your Support Does: It has been an exciting year at the IIYS! Our trainings,Yoga workshops, and other programs have been filled to capacity in recent months. We are using every square inch of available space to comfortably accommodate our guests and to present the teachings of Guruji and our lineage of masters in a setting that is highly conducive to gaining a deeper understanding of yoga practice and the Self.

To enable the IIYS to continue to reach as many people as possible in the coming year, we have some urgent maintenance and infrastructure needs that we must address in divine village such as:

. Our Vision is to create:

• The “ Sarva Dharma Manav Mandir” - a meditation & yoga hall for 100 people

• Semi-private accommodations for 100 more guests

• Time-shared homes for those who wish to build on our property

• Pickup buses

• Van to shuttle visitors from airport & city

• Xerox machine, Refrigerators, Cooking wares, etc…

• Additional bathroom facilities

• Commercial kitchen facility

• Library

• Installing a new well and sewage system for the increasing number of guests.

• Expanding our technological infrastructure and communications systems


The second project identified for the guruji Fund is a private home for

widows and small children. The large home would also have adjoining property

where the blended families of women and children could grow their own

vegetables and tend their own livestock, providing them with food and self

sufficiency. The Trustees of the guruji’s Living Legacy are working with the

IIYS to locate such a property next to Divine village for these deserving

women and children. To establish “Sarva dharma kalachar”.

Sangamam will accommodate commune living system, which encourages Universal oneness’, to break the barrier of racism and give them eternal love, peace, harmony,& happiness by forming a “vasudevakudumbakam”, to establish Universal brother hood.

Snehamane will be a place for Rehabilitation, to transform in humans to humans to Deva tattwa, ie.. to elevate them to human first, and then make them to achieve the God consciousness.

Archives Project

There are There are several exciting and important Archives projects on the horizon including some very overdue transfer and storage processes as well as some new yoga film & DVD productions. The vast repository of audio and video tapes hold the body of the Teachings of Sri sri Swami raja rishi shiva. It is our duty as his sangha to preserve, protect and make available the teachings for all who are interested in learning about them. A vast amount of work has been done toward this end, however a master plan that incorporates all of the materials, the equipment systems, storage, display and retrieval needs will guide the work in the future. A general estimate of what is needed this year for….

Divine village - Schools Scholarship Fund

For 2 to 3 years IIYS have instilled hundreds of students with the valuable life lessons offered from the Yogic philosophy. Sri raja rishi shiva belief that children should be allowed to blossom into their own unique being in an environment dedicated to their spiritual development is paired up with comprehensive curricula and interactive projects that range from performing the yoga & sadanas to understanding world cultures through interfaith studies at IIYS. The school will uses donated funds to assist with tuition so that any student interested in being at Sri Guruji's school can attend regardless of financial situation. Will you help an Angel?

It has always been Sri Guruji’s wish for us to visit divine village as much as possible to receive the blessings from this special place. Yogaville is your Oasis, too. You can help keep the IIYS thriving and serving to the fullest capacity. Drops make oceans and even if you can only give a few amount and a good wish you have given greatly. Please take a moment and make a contribution to help keep the IIYS & the divine village as a place of Peace and Joy, Love and Light available to all who come to swami raja rishi’s Ashram. We hope to see you here soon….


Our bankers are state bank of India, industrial estate branch, rajaji nagar, Bangalore.

Kindly send us D.D/CHEQUES, in case you are helping us by providing funds/corpus funds/ for buildings, lands, developments of our schemes, etc.. send us in the name of,


SBI, Rajaji nagar, Bangalore, Karnataka, India.

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SBI, Rajaji nagar, Bangalore, Karnataka, India.

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Swift no: SBININBB240, SBI, Commercial branch,Rajaji nagar,Bangalore.



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